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How to make your claim

These are the steps to help you to understand how to make your claim at MN Compensation Lawyers.

 If you have any further question please feel free to give us a call on (02) 9755 7103


Step 1

We arrange an appointment convenient to you. If you require an interpreter please advise and we will arrange.


The first conference is absolutely free.

Step 2

You will meet with Mary Nguyen, accredited personal injury specialist.

You will be given advice as to your rights. You will be given a written costs agreement although in many cases you will not have to pay costs at all.

Step 3

We will obtain all the necessary liability and medical evidence in your case.


We will pay for the cost of those documents. We will assist you to lodge all forms relevant to your claim.

Step 4

We will arrange medical assessments for your case and pay for those assessments.

Step 5

We will assist you with any disputes that arise with the insurer about payment of your treatment expenses or weekly benefits.

Step 6

We will advise you as to an appropriate range of settlement and obtain your instructions to make an offer.

Step 7

We will advise you as to any offers of settlement made by the insurer.

Step 8

We will take all necessary steps to pursue your matter in the appropriate Court or Tribunal if the matter cannot be settled.

Step 9

We will engage the most experienced counsel to appear on your behalf if necessary.

Step 10

Any judgment/settlement monies will be paid to you by the insurer. We will advise you of our costs prior to settlement and will receive payment from the insurer. We will not deduct monies from your settlement cheques.


We note there has been unfavourable media about some solicitors deducting exorbitant amounts from their clients’ settlement monies. That is why we have adopted our practice and you can be certain that we will not be deducting any money from your settlement/judgment.

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